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On-Site EMS Services for Events and Venues in Southeast Texas

Our company, 1st Response Medic Services, specializes in First-Aid for special events.

In 1987, FRMS recognized the need to fill a specific niche that had been created at public venues that didn’t necessarily require the use of our often over burdened Emergency Medical Services.  That need was to provide a team of professionals, experience and trained to provide 1st Aid at events where large groups were assembled for and to recognize when a serious illness or injury requires additional treatment and care.  Then when appropriate, to contact the local EMS for that treatment or care and transport.

Although FRMS provides First-Aid, our staff of Medics have been trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic’s (EMT/P’s), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN’s), and Registered Nurses (RN’s).  Our Staff, many who work with the Local Emergency Services and Hospitals, bring with them a wealth of training and experience.

FRMS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for events such as:

Conventions & Seminars
Concerts & Festivals
Fun Runs & Marathons
Skating Rinks
Sporting Events
Family Reunions
Company Picnics
Film/TV Shoots
Theater/Dance Recitals
Banquets & Galas

Wfirst-aid-stationhy use 1st Response Medic Services instead of an ambulance service?

Standby service is a less expensive option over a standby ambulance (usual costs are $250-$300/hr and only includes 2 staff sitting in an ambulance) or paid fire department. Standby ambulances frequently get hired to be at an event but cannot actually transport a patient due to county permits.

Ambulances that are permitted to transport either call a second ambulance to actually take the patient to a hospital or they leave which leaves you without medical staff while they are gone!

ems-suppliesWe Supply Everything You Need

Our service includes all the equipment and staffing you need to run a safe event including tents, cots, chairs and Basic Life Support gear and supplies.  Unlike an ambulance service, we do not charge the patients for EMS supplies or gear we use.  We are there to treat all basic illnesses and/or injuries and initiate local 911 for true emergencies.  Many of our staff work full time for the local fire departments so we are very familiar with their operations and getting them to respond.  In our experience, the local fire and EMS system is rarely needed if our basic first aid services are at your event.


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